Hoping To Contribute Something Of Value

I believe in working toward truth, being honest with people and giving the best of my abilities to any project I undertake. MyTown.Center™ grew out of my career-long effort in building a platform I called the iOffice™ which empowers workers by putting tools and access to information within an intuitve framework that eliminates layers of cost and waste. After decades trying to convince companies to adopt the iOffice™, I decided to apply what I learned and develop a public platform that is transformative, eco-friendly, contributes positively to others and needs no gimmicks or hard sell to be economically viable. MyTown.Center™ is the result. - Tom Simon

What it is?:

  1. It presents a model for sustainability.
  2. It addresses government transparency.
  3. It creates eco-friendly buying cooperatives.
  4. It fosters energy management.
  5. It promotes environmental stewardship.
  6. It encourages healthy community values.
Like the iOffice™, it assists people in eliminating layers of cost and waste in local government while providing access to knowledge, products, tools, methods and ideas to maximize energy efficiency in our homes and public buildings, while presenting concepts and ideas based on models for sustainability.

What Is Sustainability?

We can complain about things or work at solving problems we see around us. Some very smart people have created a framework for problem solving to make our communities economically, environmentally, socially & culturally healthy and resilient.

A sustainable community’s success depends upon its members’ commitment and involvement through active, organized, and informed citizenship. It also needs inspiring, effective, and responsive leadership, as well as responsible, caring, and healthy community institutions, services, and businesses. MyTown.Center is committed to assist in this. We hope you support our effort.