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This is a model for new ... Interactive eMail

And the mock up I presented when we last met.
Examples are based on open source HTML5 & D3JS

Scroll down to continue.

In addition to the mouse,
you can scroll with the keyboard:
use the arrow keys,
the space bar,
or page up and page down.

Multiple key presses will skip multiple slides.

Example of dynamic data via JSON i.e. from analytica SQL output.

Example of dynamic charts. Click outside display to continue scrolling.

Example of animated data driven graphic a'la WRI state emissions.
Dynamic data via JSON from analytica SQL output. Click on a section to expand.

Dynamic node assembly example

Example of map interface. Onclick opens new page. Click outside map to continue.

User selected data views.

Dynamic node assembly

Multiline charts

Dynamic Dashboards

Charts with tooltips

You get the idea

If you resize the window,
slide content will scale up or down
to fit automatically.

Example HTML5
complex animations

Idea is to use analytica models and handprints to create data tables
and then create cloud browser displays using html5 & d3js - JSON - jquery etc
I can do this under the BSD license.
I can use Cornell College Interns, work with your developers, and make use of my developer team as needed.
I am ready when you are. eMail:tom.simon@ioffice.us