Optimized Household Energy Managment

I magine a holistic approach where the house is an ecosystem of connected and interacting appliances and sub-systems that optimize energy generation and consumption, increase energy efficiency, and even stimulate the economy. Residential and commercial buildings consume over 40 percent of the overall energy usage in the United States. These buildings represent a huge opportunity not only to reduce our nation’s overall energy usage but also to energize economic development. The economic opportunity is unprecedented with incentives for building, retrofitting and upgrading with new products including split system HVAC, Low-E window panels, bio-based insulation, smart sensors to manage energy bills, and more. Only the will and wallet is needed.


Start with professional advice from architects, builders, product suppliers and contractors who are certified to provide planning, auditing and other services in energy optimization for your residence.
Certified professionals can perform Thermal Analysis to identify radiant energy loss and provide Prioritized Recommendations for Energy Efficient Improvements including:

  • Split System Energy Optimization.
  • Thermal Envelope Sealing.
  • Sensors & Controls for Monitoring.
  • Bio-based Building Materials.
  • Water Waste Reduction Fixtures.
  • Incentives for Energy Managment.


Appliances and controls can be turned into “smart” objects connected to a local network hub, able to inform about energy usage, and react to pre-set policies able to be controlled by end users anywhere-anytime via a PC, Tablet or smartphone.

  • Manage Energy Bills.
  • Reduce Energy Waste.
  • Load Monitoring Alerts.
  • Multi-System Controls.
  • Reporting for Rebates & Incentives.
  • Cloud Data Archive.


Never in our history have we had so much technology available, so cheaply to help us solve the most urgent issues of our age. There is no excuse to waste energy and add more CO2 to the atmosphere our children's children will inheirit.

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